The first time I picked up a guitar (stolen from my sister when I was twelve) I knew I had found something life-changing. Before long, I was soaking up the music of Paul Simon, James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Muddy Waters, and so on. In the heady days of the 1970s, when most of my friends were into progressive rock, I was mesmerised by the English/American folk/blues scene. My love for the acoustic guitar has never left me.

For many years I used this gift in the context of contemporary church worship while at the same time playing in other settings. Now I am returning to my roots as a singer-songwriter. Yes, my songs still explore faith and spirituality but I also sing to protest against social injustice in, what seems to me, is an increasingly unjust world.

I have not recorded an album for some time (but I’m working on one at the moment). To listen to some of my gentle acoustic music—and some band tracks—visit my music download site

For the last few years I have also been collaborating with a Czech composer in a project called SANCTUS—The Rock Mass. This work, scored for symphony orchestra, rock band, jazz musicians and vocals, is worth checking out. You can find more info on the Rock Mass website. (This site is a bit out of date, though. You can listen to it and download tracks on my Bandcamp download site.)