‘Behold a record which together binds past deeds and offices of charity, else unremembered, and so keeps alive the kindly mood in hearts . . .’

William Wordsworth, The Old Cumberland Beggar

I am a theologian, musician, poet, and writer, fascinated by the fusion of creativity and spirituality—not that the two are really distinguishable. This blog focuses on theology.

I’ve always been a traveller—a restless spirit searching for truth, for something beyond the mundane, the ordinary.  At times, my travels have have taken me well beyond the shores of my native England. Through these I discovered a curious paradox: that the further I travelled, the more alien appeared the landscape of home—that travels give the gift of perspective that throws into relief the anomalies and idiosyncrasies of what we have hitherto considered entirely normal.

This was, broadly, the theme of my first post back in 2010 . . . and I was tempted to delete that—and some of the other older posts here. I’m somewhat embarrassed about some of them now, but I leave them here so you can share my journey.

The musings presented here concern, primarily, a theological journey borne of a spiritual restlessness. And the further I have travelled from the Evangelicalism of my youth, the more that landscape has looked alien to me. I hope these thoughts help you in your journey towards your true home.

John de Jong


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